What are FingerFeelies? Scroll down to learn more.


To help beginning typists learn finger placement, LaserTyping offers FingerFeelies to be affixed over important keys.  The thin, transparent bumpy stars and squares make anchor keys easier to feel.


Attaching FingerFeelies to the keys:

Peel the stars and squares off the backing paper.  Affixing them may be easiest with tweezers.  FingerFeelies are
thin enough not to prevent a laptop from closing.

FingerFeelies should be placed as follows:

  • Top Row – stars – on Number keys: 1 4 7 0
  • Home Row – stars – on the keys: a f j ;
  • Bottom Row – stars -on the letter b
  • Squares should be placed on the two Shift Keys (left and right)

An extra star FingerFeely is included for placement wherever helpful.

Scroll down to see pictures of how best to affix FingerFeelies to your keyboard.